In the Ancient times Formocarcer was one giant mountain then named Provern At the top of this mountain most dragons made their home.

The Formian Ants ruled the forested half of the mainland then and the Formian Wasps ruled the half covered by plains. While the warred with each other they had subjugated all other races on the mainland except for the Dragons.

While the Dragons would not be subjugated the formians could cope with them, but when they dared to demand tribute the formians had enough. They knew they could not fight the dragons while the dragons could use magic. The made peace amongst themselves and gathered their strongest Mages and the strongest mages amongst the races they had enslaved and proceded to ward the entire peak of Provern against all forms of magic.

Their mistake was using slaves. the elven slave mages worked a piece of magic into the ward that brought down Provern. A huge ring around the peak crashed down to below sealevel taking with it the vast majority of the formian empires. those that weren’t killed initially were severly weakened by the resulting cloud of dust.

It was the end of the Formian Domination of the Formocarcer. the aftermath left Provern as a tall Dragon infested Mountain in the middle of a large inland lake called the Provern Sea. In niether the Provern Sea nor on Mt. Provern does any magic work. the Formians are still the only real civilization on the mainland but they are cut down to 4 major cities and a relatively small amount of independent colonies.

The remainder of the country side is now dotted with former Formian colony holes that are occupied by all kinds of monsters. The other races are slowly coming back to the mainland from the islands they used as refuge during the high days of the Formian Civilization.